Village Life in Italy — FESTA !— Two Months of the Best Time Ever — Part 9

Mazurka, hully gully, or tango anyone? Bring on the accordions!
Festivals to honor Beef, Focaccia (Bread), and Snails
Festivals for Pork, Medieval History, and Wine
Church first, party after. (Alviano, Umbria)
Nothing rocks a party like big machines (Alviano, Umbria).
1. 2. Wine tasting booths offer generous pours for 2 Euro. 3. Imported talent brings rhythm and blues to a Wine and Music Festa in Civitella d’Agliano.
4. A medieval tower provides a dramatic backdrop for modern jazz. 5. Food, food, food, and always, lots of conversation.

Writer, ESL instructor, editor, traveler, seasonal ex-pat— my life is both an intentional and serendipitous circumstance. Motto — “Buy the ticket, and go!”

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