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  • Martin van Soest

    Martin van Soest

    I write about anything that sparks my interest. Usually, it’s things that amaze, touch or surprise me.

  • Dr Mehmet Yildiz

    Dr Mehmet Yildiz

    Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION, curating and amplifying important messages. Connection: https://digitalmehmet.com



    Editor of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium. Cross-pollinating 9,700+ writers with 95,000+ readers. Apply to https://digitalmehmet.com/contact

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Mai Mislang

    Mai Mislang

    Former presidential speechwriter, still a musician; writes about urban gridlocks. Will work full time for the planet. Harvard Kennedy School ‘14 🇵🇭

  • Luke B.

    Luke B.

    Classical musician, passionate meditator, and co-host of the podcast and blog Exploring Kodawari. https://exploringkodawari.blog/

  • Sucheta Biswas

    Sucheta Biswas

    Writer.Dog lover.Reader.Ambivert.

  • Scott Gese

    Scott Gese

    Writer of novels, articles and blog posts. Specializing in short story fiction. He is currently moving all of his fiction to His website ropeandwire.com

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